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Running Headphones: 7 Tips For Buying Headphones For Running

Running Headphones: 7 Tips For Buying Headphones For Running

We are proud owners of the ProSport wireless headphones, and have built them as the best headphones for running under £50.00. 

ProSport Wireless Headphones

In this guide for running headphones, you will see the steps we took in thinking about the design and function of the headphone along with the benefits you’ll get versus other wireless headphones in the market today.

So if you’re looking for a killer pair of running headphones, you’ll love today’s checklist.

Let’s dive in…

  • Running Headphones Checklist
  • Ergonomics
  • Comfort
  • Sound Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Practicality
  • Price
  • Customer Support
  • Conclusion

How To Use This Running Headphones Guide

Headphones can make or break your run. 

In the making of our ProSport wireless earphones for running, we have taken into consideration seven main points of importance: ergonomics, comfort, sound quality, battery life, practicality, price and our level of customer support.

Picture yourself taking the morning train to work, when in shock, horror, your expensive wireless earphone has fallen out of your ears onto the trainline. 

You may wonder what’s happened to my imagination, but this has actually happened in Japan believe it or not! 

Wireless earphone in train track in Japan

Well, we’re not saying that your earphone will fall into your local train track if it is not our earphone, but what we're saying is that our ProSport wireless earphones will stay connected to your ears even in the most brutal of workouts.

We are confident that our ProSport wireless headphones are the best headphones for running in the UK. They have been specifically designed to optimise your running performance. 

Coupled with our 60% sale, we believe they are the best value running headphones on the market in the United Kingdom.

1. Headphones That Don’t Fall Out Your Ears

Have you ever tried a pair of wireless earbuds, and as soon as you smile or run the headphones fall out of your ears? 

We have, and it’s certainly one of our biggest pet peeves, especially when you’re looking forward to pumping your favourite tunes into your ears on a long run.

We’ve designed the ProSport headphones around an ear hook design, this has two main benefits.

ProSport wireless earphone with ear hook around an ear 

Firstly, the wireless headphones will almost certainly never fall out of your ears as the ear hook utilises gravity to keep the earbud securely inside your ears even if you’re upside down! 

Secondly, the ear hooks provide a more immersive and surround sound experience. You can adjust the ear hooks around your specific ear shape and get the most immersive experience available for your anatomy.

How Do ProSport Headphones Compare To Other Headphones In Regard To Fit?

One of the main complaints from Airpod owners is that they do not fit smaller ears, or that they seem to fall out while running or doing exercise. The issue with their design is that they are actually not built around the ears but sit externally outside of the ear. 

The ProSport earbuds have an internal design, integrated around your ears, so that no matter what movement you make or the size of your ears, the headphones will not fall out.

2. Comfortable Headphones For Running 

Comfort is paramount for wireless headphones for running. 

Especially with our unpredictable UK weather. One moment, you can be running along with a gentle summer breeze and the next you feel as if you’re in peak winter with blusterous gusts of wind. 

Our ProSport headphones are designed to be robust and provide a soft and comfortable fit in your ears, no matter how blusterous the winds get.

ProSport headphones being worn by a male model

Our Bluetooth headphones feature soft touch, silicone ear tips that provide a pleasant experience in-ear. 

As mentioned prior, the ear hooks provide additional comfort, as you will not be required to constantly adjust the earphones inside of your ears. 

Once you put them on, they will stay in that position for your entire run. Plus, you’ll get a choice of three different ear tip sizes, so you can be sure you’ll have the right ear tip for your ear size.

How Do ProSport Headphones Compare To Other Headphones In Regard To Comfort?

Other headphones utilise hard, plastic ear tips that are not sweat proof and look worse for wear after a week of wearing them. 

We specifically use soft touch silicone ear tips that are not affected no matter how much sweat you exert on your runs or workouts. This ensures a comfortable fit inside your ears. 

Additionally, most true wireless earphones have the issue that they need constant readjusting in your ears because they are not actually fixed on your ear. 

Our ProSport headphones are fastened securely around your ears, so they will not need any adjustments while you workout. 

3. Premium Noise Isolating Sound Quality

As good as bone conduction headphones are, given that you can hear outside noises around you, unfortunately, they suffer from poor sound quality. 

The issue is that you do not feel connected to the music, as you cannot distinguish or feel the different rhythms of your favourite beats. 

We opted against the approach of creating a poor sound quality earphone, for the benefit of hearing additional outside noise. 

ProSport headphones being worn by a male model at the gym

This is especially relevant during the recent transition into a lifestyle of quarantine. Where more of us have started running on treadmills at home, or taking quiet and serene running trials.

You’ll feel extremely immersed in your music with our ProSport wireless headphones, as they benefit from Passive Noise Cancellation Technology

The ear tips along with the ear hooks help cancel outside noise, even without playing any music. This means you do not need to blast your music at full volume to not hear outside noise. 

How Do ProSport Headphones Compare To Other Headphones In Regard To Sound Quality?

Most wireless headphones produce a distant sound, or a sound that doesn’t make you feel integrated with your music. 

Our ProSport headphones produce a sound that is closer to your eardrum, hence you experience greater immersion, clarity and sound. 

This is achieved by the integrated ear hook and silicone ear tips.

4. Good Battery Life

There’s no point in a pair of wireless headphones, if they cannot last the length of a marathon

Which is why we designed our wireless headphones to easily last 3.5 hours plus, and if you want to use them longer, you’ll need to put them in their wireless case which doubles as a wireless charger, for around 5-10 minutes for an hour's worth of battery life.

Woman holding ProSport wireless charging case in her hand

You can literally use the earphones all day long without needing to connect them into a mains plug. 

Instead, after the charging case has provided around 100 hours of music playtime, you can charge the wireless charging case via the USB-C cable.

How Do ProSport Headphones Compare To Other Headphones In Regard To Battery Life?

Some wireless headphones possess lengthy charging times, whereby you’ll have to wait hours before you can use them again. 

While, with our ProSport headphones, you can be sure that you’ll only need to wait a few minutes after the battery has been drained before you can use them again, thanks to rapid charging.

Our wireless case doubles as a charging case, so while you are resting the earphones inside their protective case, they actually charge up and have a full battery when you need to use them next.

5. Headphones With Practicality

One of the key reasons why true wireless headphones have become so popular in the last few years is because of the practicality they provide. 

No longer do you have a pair of wires holding you back, while running or keeping you tied in an awkward position. 

This sense of liberty is expressed in the composition of the most popular type of headphone, as you can see from the data.

Projections of the demand of wireless and wired headphones

A true wireless design is more practical, yes, but there are still some limitations with different wireless headphone offerings. For example, some have issues with sweat, such as the Airpods. Where just a drop of sweat could short circuit the whole earphone. 

The stealthy matte black finish on the earphones, make them the perfect accomplice for Zoom calls. They have an elegant appearance that doesn’t look out of place at the gym or conference room.

How Do ProSport Headphones Compare To Other Headphones In Regard To Practicality?

Others face issues with the design of the earphone, where they will literally fall out of your ear given half the opportunity. Additionally, getting an earphone that will last a whole week on one charge and using the wireless case alone is another challenge.

With our ProSport wireless earphones, they will easily last you through a whole week without any challenges. You won’t need to charge the wireless case at all in that time, and it makes them super practical to go travel with.

6. Premium Quality At An Affordable Price

Given the enormous markups that our main competitors use in their pricing, we could have opted for a higher price point. Although, we want to let the quality of our ProSport wireless headphones do the selling, instead of marketing. 

Make sure to make use of the Ryme Audio 60% Flash Sale while it lasts. You’ll only pay £49.99 for a quality pair of running headphones that will transform your runs.

How Do ProSport Headphones Compare To Other Headphones In Regard To Pricing?

Most large companies that sell wireless headphones will have an exorbitant markup that covers the massive costs of marketing, retail stores, warehouses etc. We run our company completely online, which allows us to remove a lot of the costs, as well as sell directly to you. 

We reduce as many markups as possible, so that you pay the most fair price possible. Plus, we are not shy of running a large sale every once and a while! 

7. Amazing Customer Service

To match our generous pricing, we offer excellent customer support. We refuse to have unhappy customers and will do the utmost to keep you satisfied with your experience with Ryme Audio.

Whether it be a delayed shipment or an issue with the earphones, we’ll be on hand to respond and make things right. 

Image depicting customer support

We also offer 30 day refunds, so if you change your mind about our earphones or just don’t like them, you’ll get your money back.

For an additional peace of mind, we have a full 1 year warranty, where if anything breaks on your ProSport headphones, we’ll arrange a brand new pair of ProSport wireless headphones for you. 

We definitely go above and beyond to make sure you’re fully satisfied.

How Do ProSport Headphones Compare To Other Headphones In Regard To Customer Support?

Many competitors have issues with customer support, as they export their customer service to eastern countries where the time zones are different than ours and where response times massively vary.

We have customer support based out of the United Kingdom, and aim to respond within 1 working day. You’ll be sure to get your query sorted out in an efficient way.


We strongly believe that for the price, our ProSport wireless earphones are the best headphones made for running in the UK. They offer an excellent fit, where the earphones will not fall out of your ears, are comfortable to wear, sound great and have superb battery life. 

Grab them now while our 60% sale lasts, they were £119.99 but are now only £49.99.

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