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Do Your Earphones Keep Falling Out Your Ears?

Do Your Earphones Keep Falling Out Your Ears?

The biggest pet peeve for someone with ‘unique’ ears, is the constant need to have to adjust your wireless earphone every other second you speak.

Earphones falling out of your ears has to be up there with asking questions during a movie.

The annoyance of the earphone falling out of the ears within a few yards of running or just a simple smile tips the cake.

It's especially frustrating, when the earphones are very pricey! 

Well, we know the pain. We’ve come up with a simple but clever solution with our ProSport earphones, where our earphones will never fall out of your ears, no matter how hard you run or how many backflips you can muster. 

The Real Reason Why Earphones Fall Out of Your Ears

In our best headphones for running guide, we shared this comical example in Japan, where one unfortunate commuter had the worst possible journey to work (the only consolation was the solitary airpod that remained in their right ear). 

Earphones fell inside train tracks

Hopefully, your earphone doesn’t fall in the middle of your local train track, but it just hilariously demonstrates the annoyance of earphones that don’t stay in our ears!

The number one reason why your wireless earphones will not stay in your ears, is because of your ear shape or anatomy.

Ear size

Yes, your ears are pretty but unfortunately most true wireless earphones are just not designed for your ears.

They are designed for the vast majority of people, not for those of us who have either small, large or just peculiar ears. 

Another reason may be to do with your activity preference. For example, going on a run causes the earphone to move fractionally each step you take, and a few of these is all it takes for it to fall out of your ear canal. If you plan on doing handstand push ups, good luck. 

Why The Ryme Audio ProSport Wireless Earphones Solve The Problem

Ryme ProSport Wireless Earphones

Trust us, you’ll love our ProSport wireless earphones. Yes, you can do handstand push ups to your heart's content, the earphones aren’t coming out, that’s for sure. 

The engineers behind the design, came up with an ear hook concept. Whereby, the ear hook can be adjusted to your specific ear shape and size.

The earphone is integrated with the ear hook, so it won’t budge at all since the ear hook is fastened around your ear.

Plus, the earphones come with three sizes of silicone ear tips: small, medium and large. So you can be sure to find a good fit for the earphones to sit inside your ear canal with comfort.

Do ProSport Headphones Fit Large and Small Ears?

Absolutely, the headphones are lightweight but have a relatively long ear hook that can extend for even the largest ears. 

ProSport Ear Hooks Fitting Around Ear

For smaller ear sizes, the headphones will provide a good fit in the ear, although you may find the ear hook on the larger side.

How Are ProSport Headphones For Running?  

The pertinent question you may have, is how do ProSport work as wireless headphones for running? 

Athlete wearing ProSport wireless headphones

Our athletes are keen runners, and on numerous occasions have gone on 3-4 hours of running or cycling without any complaints. The earphones sort of stop being noticeable after a few minutes as they are so well fixed inside the ears. 

One thing to keep in mind is that ProSport isolates sound inside your ears, so you won’t be able to hear much external noise. They are specifically created for trail running or working out in a noisey gym. 

Unlike bone conduction headphones, which leak sound on purpose, so that you can still hear road traffic and external sounds. We felt that the issue with this, is that it sort of defeats the purpose of listening to high quality music in your ears, as you can no longer make out the rhythm and vibe of a song. 


Hopefully, by this article you have found a possible solution to your earphones falling out of your ears while running. The Ryme ProSport wireless earphones

Plus, we offer 24/7 customer support, so if you change your mind within 30 days, you can return them back for a refund. Or should you receive any issues after that, we’ll send you out a replacement pair or fix the issue for you. You’re in safe hands with us. 

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